The end of the semester brings about a long list of to-do’s for students. They may struggle to remember everything they need to accomplish before the break. You can help your students keep track of their upcoming tasks by providing helpful end-of-the-semester reminders.

Here are five actions you can remind your students to take each time a semester comes to a close.

Check University Email

Some students rarely look at their university email account where important communication from instructors, advisors, and the university is sent. It’s helpful to remind students to check this email to make sure they aren’t missing any urgent communication, especially as the semester ends.1

Complete and Turn In Any Missing Assignments

Remind students to complete any missing or last-minute assignments as soon as possible.2 Additionally, mention any upcoming end-of-semester deadlines.

Submit and Review Final Grades

Once final grades have been posted (both to the course grade book and to UAOnline), advise your students to check and make sure their grades are correct.1,2 This way, if there are any discrepancies, they can be caught right away while there is still time for the grade to be corrected.3

There are some things instructors specifically can do for their students when it comes to grades. Instructors can make sure all submitted assignments have been graded well before finals week, and any missing assignments have been given a zero in the grade book.2 If you need to utilize incomplete grades, make sure you and the student have made a plan on when their final assignments will be due.2

Return Borrowed Textbooks and Other Rented Items

Remind students to return anything they have borrowed or rented for the semester.1,3 This can include textbooks, laptops, and other course materials. This will be especially important if the student is graduating at the end of the current semester.

Meet With Their Academic Advisor

As each semester comes to a close, it is imperative that students schedule a meeting with their academic advisor as soon as possible.3 In this meeting, advisors will check in with students and can lift an advising hold for the following semester, assist in picking out future classes, and further aid students in making sure they’re ready to end the current semester and begin the next one. You can remind students that this meeting should take place before every semester ends.3

Additional Things to Mention to Students:

  • Do you have any students that are graduating soon? Remind them to submit all graduation paperwork before the deadline!
  • Remind students to fill out their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students have to do this every year in order to remain eligible for financial aid, including scholarships. Students will not be eligible to receive financial aid for the upcoming academic year unless this has been completed.



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Alexis Carstens is the UAF eCampus student success specialist. She assists UAF students from around the world with academic advising and online engagement with the Troth Yeddha’ campus.
Alexis Carstens

Student Success Specialist,