Virtual Transfer Site

A digital space to share used learning activities.

Welcome to the Virtual Transfer Site

Browse the materials below. Click on one of the cards to see more information on the activity, including the share link and any other helpful resources. Below the gallery is the drop off form where you can drop off your used learning activities. 

Wondering what a Transfer Site is? –  In Fairbanks AK, transfer sites refer to the solid waste management facilities run by the borough. The sites are concrete lots with an orderly line of dumpsters around the perimeter for household garbage and then a covered area to put used items that could be used again.

Drop Off a Learning Activity

We invite you to look back through your old materials and find something that used to serve your course. It’s ok if it is beyond repair. It’s ok if it is from a teaching guide that you got in 1973. It’s ok if it was an idea you tried one semester and it bombed so terribly you don’t even like thinking about it. Heck, it’s even ok if the activity is perfectly good and functional but you just need to share it.

Be sure to set the share settings on any materials so that anyone can access them. Hosting materials on Google and/or is recommended but not required.

Check back regularly to see new finds, or drop something else off.

CC0 Disclaimer:

Materials dropped off here are considered CC0 (Creative Commons “No Rights Reserved”) licensed, meaning anyone can use them and there is no attribution needed.

The materials you drop off should be authored by you or credited to the author. All images should be either public domain, attributed to their authors, or created by you.