EPIC: Expanding Pedagogies, Innovative Courses

EPIC is a two-semester, cohort-based program that supports UAF teachers developing and delivering online courses. One goal of this program is to facilitate the creation of multiple, unique online courses that reflect the instructors’ pedagogy and values. We are building things that we are excited to be a part of. This is no simple task, not least because course design is a messy, sometimes overwhelming process. A second goal of this program is to build a community of inquiry and support for these courses and their instructors via the cohort model. We are building new, risky things and we are mitigating that risk by asking questions and getting feedback from one another. The program is highly collaborative and works best when we work together.

During the first semester of the program, participants explore online pedagogies as they build their courses. What are the possible roles of “teacher’ in an online space? How can we facilitate and engage in student understanding – innovation, even – in our courses? What is my own pedagogy and what does it need – including frameworks, tools, and collaborations – when I apply it to the online classroom? During the second semester of the program, participants deliver their courses with the ongoing support and collaboration of the cohort.

EPIC is a hybrid of online, asynchronous and in-person, synchronous events, requiring 5-10 hours/week in addition to the hours spent building a course. We’ve made the schedule as flexible as we could imagine it with most “events’ offered a la carte to suit your needs. We are also aware of the limits of our imaginations and welcome your feedback and collaboration as we grow the program. As a member of the EPIC cohort, you’ll develop an innovative online course, connect with peers across disciplines, and have the opportunity to think big about education in a digital age.


Calendars, links, and other resources to keep you on track as you design and collaborate. Something missing? Make a suggestion!


Weekly readings, discussions, builds, and meetings are all here. Check out the entire series schedule or dig into a particular week and theme.

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EPIC thrives on collaboration. We use Slack, a group chat tool, as our hub for collaborating and communicating with each other.